Concept of Qayyum

The concept of Qayyum, or eternity, is a fundamental attribute of Allah in Islamic theology. It underscores the belief that Allah is eternal, existing without a beginning or an end. Here’s a detailed understanding of this attribute and its significance for mankind in Islam:
1. Timelessness and Permanence:
o Qayyum emphasizes that Allah transcends the limitations of time. Unlike created beings, Allah does not have a beginning, and His existence is not contingent on any external factor. His eternity signifies His self-sufficiency and independence from the constraints of time.
2. Immutable and Unchanging:
o Allah’s eternity implies His immutability. He does not undergo any change or transformation. This unchanging nature provides a stable and reliable foundation for believers, as Allah’s attributes and promises remain constant and unwavering.
3. Creator of Time:
o Allah, being eternal, is the Creator of time itself. Time is a creation of Allah, and He is not bound by it. This concept helps believers understand that Allah’s knowledge encompasses past, present, and future, and He is not confined to the linear progression of time that humans experience.
4. Implications for Worship:
o Recognizing Allah’s eternity has profound implications for worship. Believers understand that their Creator has been and will always be, and this realization fosters a sense of awe, reverence, and humility in their worship. It also reinforces the idea that Allah’s guidance is timeless and relevant for all epochs.
5. Source of Comfort and Certainty:
o The belief in Allah’s eternity provides comfort and certainty to believers. In times of uncertainty and change, knowing that Allah is eternal and unchanging becomes a source of solace. It instills trust in His divine wisdom and plan for each individual’s life.
6. Understanding Divine Decree:
o Qayyum contributes to the understanding of Qadar (divine decree). Since Allah exists outside the confines of time, His knowledge of events is not limited by temporal constraints. Believers trust that Allah’s decree is based on His eternal wisdom and perfect knowledge.
7. Motivation for Righteousness:
o The concept of Allah’s eternity serves as a motivation for righteous conduct. Believers recognize that their actions are witnessed by the Eternal Being, and they strive to align their lives with His guidance, seeking His pleasure that transcends the transient nature of worldly affairs.
In summary, the attribute of Qayyum in Islam emphasizes the timeless nature of Allah, providing a profound understanding of His existence beyond the limitations of time. This concept shapes the worldview of believers, influencing their worship, ethical conduct, and overall perspective on the transient nature of the world in comparison to the eternal nature of Allah.

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