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Author: Sheikh Touqeer Ansari

The great liar, and enemy of Islam Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani who claims to be last prophet of Allah, Followers of Qadiani movement they should try to Understand the real Islam from Quran and teachings of the true last Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him.


In the Quran, there are several verses that emphasize the gravity of lying and its consequences. One such verse is found in Surah Al-Baqarah (Chapter 2), verse 10:


Quran, Surah Al-Baqarah (2:10): “When it is said to them, ‘Do not cause corruption on the earth,’ they say, ‘We are but reformers.'”


This verse highlights the deceptive nature of those who engage in falsehood. They claim to be reformers or well-intentioned individuals, but in reality, they cause corruption and harm. The punishment for such deceitful behavior is addressed in various ways throughout the Quran.


Detailing the Consequences of Lying :

Deceptive Intentions: The Quranic verse above illustrates that liars often cloak their deceptive intentions with noble claims. They may portray themselves as reformers or well-meaning individuals while engaging in actions that cause harm, division, or corruption within society and generations.


Spiritual Consequences: Lying carries significant spiritual consequences in Islam. It tarnishes one’s character and distances individuals from Allah’s guidance and blessings. The Quran consistently warns against falsehood as it undermines the integrity of faith.


Harsh Consequences: While the Quran doesn’t provide specific details of punishment for liars in this verse, it does emphasize the severity of their actions. Lying can lead to a breakdown of trust, sow discord, and harm is it guidance individuals and communities.


Straying from the True Path: Lying is a deviation from the true path of faith and ethical conduct. It goes against the principles of honesty, integrity, and moral uprightness that are central to monotheistic faith Islam.


Universal Lessons: The Quran’s warnings against lying and falsehood transcend religious boundaries. They offer valuable lessons on the consequences of dishonesty for all of mankind, regardless of their religious beliefs. following the fake prophet they are destination is forever in hellfire.


Need for Vigilance: The Quran encourages believers to be vigilant and discerning, not only in detecting false prophets but also in their followers actions. It reminds individuals of the importance of upholding truth and righteousness in their lives.


Incorporating this Quranic perspective on lying and its consequences into enhances the understanding of the profound lessons offered by the Quran regarding falsehood. It reinforces the idea that honesty and integrity are essential virtues that should be upheld in all aspects of life to maintain the purity of faith and avoid the spiritual consequences of straying from the true path.

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