Exploring Allah's Creation: Questions and Answers for Young Islamic School Students

Question: How did Allah create humans and creatures?

Answer: Allah created humans and creatures using His divine will and power.

Question: What are humans and creatures made of?

Answer: Humans and creatures are made of different things like flesh, water, blood, bones, and air.

Question: Who made the animals that we see around us?

Answer: Allah made all the animals that we see, from the tiniest insects to the largest elephants.

Question: How do animals move?

Answer: Animals move using their legs, wings, fins, or other body parts that Allah gave them.

Question: Why do animals need food?

 Answer: Animals need food to give them energy and to keep them healthy, just like how we need food.

Question: Why do animals have different colors and patterns?

Answer: Allah made animals with different colors and patterns to help them hide from enemies or to attract mates.

Question: How do birds fly in the sky?

Answer: Birds fly in the sky with their wings, which Allah designed to help them soar through the air.

Question: Why do fish live in the water?

Answer: Fish live in the water because Allah made them with gills, which help them breathe underwater.

Question: What do animals eat?

Answer: Animals eat different things like plants, other animals, insects, or even fruits and nuts.

Question: How do animals stay warm or cool?

Answer: Allah gave animals fur, feathers, or thick skin to help them stay warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather.

Question: Why do animals live in different places?

Answer: Allah made animals to live in different places called habitats, where they can find food, water, and shelter.

Question: How do animals talk to each other?

Answer: Animals communicate with sounds, calls, or body language that Allah gave them to understand each other.

Question: Why do some animals sleep during the day and wake up at night?

Answer: Allah made some animals nocturnal, which means they are awake at night and sleep during the day, to help them avoid predators.

Question: What do animals do in the winter?

Answer: Some animals hibernate in the winter, which means they sleep for a long time to survive the cold weather.

Question: Why do animals have different sizes?

Answer: Allah made animals in different sizes to fit into their habitats and to help them survive in their environment.

Question: Why do animals have bones?

Answer: Allah gave animals bones to support their bodies and to help them move around.

Question: How do animals find their way home?

Answer: Allah gave animals instincts and senses to help them find their way home, even if they wander far away.

Question: Do animals have families?

Answer: Yes, many animals have families where they take care of their babies and teach them how to survive.

Question: Why do some animals have long tails?

Answer: Allah gave some animals long tails to help them balance, climb, or even communicate with other animals.

Question: What can we learn from animals?

Answer: We can learn many things from animals, like how to be kind, patient, and grateful for the blessings Allah has given us.

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