Speech (Kalaam): The Quran

Embarking on a journey to explore the divine attributes of Almighty God Allah is a deeply personal and spiritual endeavor. In Islamic theology, Allah is believed to possess numerous attributes that define His nature and serve as the foundation of creation. These attributes are often categorized into two main types: the attributes of essence (Dhat) and the attributes of action (Sifat).

Attributes of Essence (Dhat): a. Oneness (Tawhid): The fundamental concept in Islam is the oneness of Allah. Tawhid emphasizes the indivisibility and uniqueness of God. It underscores the belief that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah.

b. Eternity (Qidam): Allah is considered eternal, existing without a beginning or end. This attribute emphasizes the timeless nature of God.

c. Self-sufficiency (Samad): Allah is self-sufficient and does not depend on anyone or anything. All of creation depends on Him, but He is free of any dependence.

d. Knowledge (Al-Ilm): Allah possesses perfect and infinite knowledge. His knowledge encompasses everything, including the past, present, and future.

e. Power (Al-Qudrah): Allah has absolute power and control over all things. His power is limitless and without any constraints.

Attributes of Action (Sifat): a. Mercy (Rahman and Rahim): Allah is often referred to as the Most Merciful (Rahman) and the Most Compassionate (Rahim). His mercy encompasses all of creation, and believers are encouraged to seek His mercy.

b. Justice (Adl): Allah is just, and His actions are always fair and equitable. Even though His mercy is vast, it does not compromise His justice.

c. Will (Mashi’ah): Allah’s will is supreme, and everything happens according to His divine plan. Nothing occurs without His knowledge and permission.

d. Hearing and Seeing (Sam’ and Basar): Allah hears all prayers and sees all actions
. His awareness extends to every aspect of His creation.
e. Speech (Kalam): The Quran is considered the literal speech of Allah. It is a manifestation of His will and guidance for humanity.

As you delve deeper into these attributes, it’s important to approach this exploration with sincerity, humility, and an open heart. Muslims believe that understanding these attributes fosters a stronger connection with Allah and a deeper appreciation for the intricate tapestry of creation. This journey is not only about knowledge but also about seeking a closer relationship with the Divine.

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