Submission and Humility

teaching Muslims about the concepts of submission and humility in the context of the physical postures of bowing (ruku’) and prostration (sujud) during Salah is crucial for a deeper understanding of the spiritual dimensions of prayer. Here’s a breakdown to help you convey these concepts:

  1. Bowing (Ruku’):

    • Submission:

      • Emphasize that the act of bowing down is a physical manifestation of submission to Allah’s command. It symbolizes surrendering one’s will to the Divine.
      • Discuss how in ruku’, the worshipper lowers the upper part of their body, including the head and back, signifying a conscious act of submitting to the greatness of Allah.
    • Humility:

      • Explain that humility is reflected in the lowered position of the worshipper during ruku’. The act of lowering the head and raising the hands expresses a sense of reverence and acknowledgement of Allah’s superiority.
      • Encourage believers to cultivate a mindset of humility during ruku’, recognizing their own limitations in contrast to the boundless greatness of Allah.
  2. Prostration (Sujud):

    • Submission:

      • Emphasize that sujud is the ultimate act of submission, where the worshipper places the most honorable part of their body, the forehead, on the ground—the lowest point.
      • Highlight that during sujud, Muslims are in their closest physical proximity to Allah, symbolizing the intimate connection and absolute submission to the Creator.
    • Humility:

      • Explain that the act of prostration is a profound expression of humility. The worshipper, in the lowest position, acknowledges their absolute dependence on Allah and recognizes the need for His mercy and guidance.
      • Encourage a mental state of humility during sujud, fostering a sense of awe and reverence for the Almighty.

Teaching Muslims about the significance of submission and humility in Salah helps them internalize these qualities not only during prayer but also in their daily lives. The lessons drawn from the physical postures of ruku’ and sujud should be carried into daily interactions, relationships, and decision-making processes. Emphasize that true submission involves aligning one’s actions with the principles of Islam, and genuine humility extends beyond the prayer mat, shaping one’s character and behavior in all aspects of life.


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