Why is Allah so Powerful?

Allah’s power is described as infinite, all-encompassing, and beyond human comprehension. The Quran emphasizes the absolute authority and boundless strength of Allah in creating and sustaining the entire universe. Here are key points explaining the never-ending power of Allah:

  1. Creation of the Universe:

    • Allah is attributed with the creation of the heavens and the earth. The Quran describes the universe as a manifestation of Allah’s creative power. The vastness of galaxies, stars, suns, moons, and all celestial bodies reflects the unimaginable extent of Allah’s power.
  2. Sustaining the Universe:

    • Allah’s power is not limited to the initial creation of the universe but extends to its continuous sustenance. The Quran states that if Allah were to withhold His support, the entire universe would collapse. Every celestial body, ecosystem, and creature relies on Allah’s ongoing sustenance.
  3. Control Over Natural Forces:

    • Allah’s power is evident in His control over natural forces. The Quran mentions various elements like wind, rain, and lightning as under Allah’s command. The precision and balance in the natural world attest to the meticulous control exercised by Allah.
  4. Endless Knowledge:

    • Allah’s power is complemented by His infinite knowledge. The Quran repeatedly emphasizes that Allah knows everything, whether it is evident or hidden. His awareness extends to the past, present, and future, demonstrating a level of understanding beyond human comprehension.
  5. Creation of Life:

    • Allah’s power is evident in the creation of life. The Quran describes the formation of humans from a drop of fluid and the development of intricate living organisms. The diversity of life on Earth showcases the limitless creativity and power of Allah.
  6. Miracles and Signs:

    • Throughout the Quran, Allah is described as the One who shows signs and performs miracles to guide humanity. These signs, including the parting of the sea for Prophet Musa (Moses) and the miracles of Prophet Isa (Jesus), are manifestations of Allah’s extraordinary power.
  7. Omnipotence and Omnipresence:

    • Allah’s power is not confined to a specific location or time. He is omnipotent, possessing all power, and omnipresent, existing everywhere. Allah’s influence extends across the entire universe.
  8. The Throne (Arsh) and Kursi:

    • The Quran mentions that Allah’s throne (Arsh) extends over the heavens and the earth, symbolizing His dominion over all creation. The Kursi (Footstool) is described as being even wider than the heavens and the earth, further illustrating Allah’s all-encompassing power.
  9. Unchanging Nature:

    • Allah’s power is unchanging and unaffected by fatigue. The Quran emphasizes that neither drowsiness nor sleep overtakes Him. His ability to sustain and govern the universe remains constant.
  10. Command and Decree:

    • Allah’s power is manifested in His commands and decrees. His word is ultimate, and when He wills something, it is merely a matter of saying “Be,” and it comes into existence.

In summary, the never-ending power of Allah is a central theme in Islamic theology, highlighted throughout the Quran. The enormity, complexity, and harmony of the universe serve as constant reminders of Allah’s limitless and eternal power.

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