Miracles of Jesus

in the Quran, several miracles associated with the Prophet Jesus (Isa) are mentioned. These miracles are attributed to the will and power of Allah, the Almighty God. Here, I will provide details of some of the prominent miracles of Jesus as mentioned in the Quran:

**1. The Miracle of the Virgin Birth (Al-Quran 3:45-47): One of the most well-known miracles associated with Jesus is his miraculous birth to the Virgin Mary (Maryam in Arabic). The Quran narrates that Mary, a pious and devout woman, withdrew to a secluded place when she felt the pains of childbirth. Allah provided sustenance for her during this time, and she gave birth to Jesus without the intervention of a human father. This miracle underscores Allah’s power to create and bring forth life in extraordinary ways.

**2. Speaking from the Cradle (Al-Quran 19:29-33): The Quran mentions the miraculous event when the infant Jesus, in response to the questions of those around him, spoke from the cradle. He declared that he was indeed a prophet of Allah and that Allah had blessed him with Scripture and made him blessed wherever he may be. This miraculous speech affirmed his divine mission from a very young age.

**3. Healing the Blind and the Lepers (Al-Quran 3:49): The Quran describes how Jesus, with Allah’s permission, was able to perform miraculous healings. He could cure those born blind and those afflicted with leprosy. These acts of healing demonstrated his prophetic authority and the mercy of Allah.

**4. Raising the Dead (Al-Quran 3:49): Another remarkable miracle attributed to Jesus in the Quran is his ability to raise the dead back to life. With Allah’s permission, he could restore life to those who had passed away, illustrating Allah’s control over life and death.

**5. The Table Spread (Al-Quran 5:112-115): In this miracle, Jesus and his disciples asked Allah for a table spread with food to be sent down from heaven as a sign. Allah answered their request and sent down a feast. This event emphasized the divine support granted to Jesus and the acceptance of his supplication.

**6. Molding Birds from Clay (Al-Quran 3:49): According to the Quran, Jesus had the ability, by Allah’s permission, to mold birds from clay and then breathe life into them. This miraculous act demonstrated the creative power bestowed upon him by Allah.

**7. Knowledge of the Unseen (Al-Quran 3:49): Jesus was granted knowledge of the unseen by Allah. He could inform his people about what they ate and stored in their houses, demonstrating his prophetic knowledge and insight.

It’s important to note that these miracles, as described in the Quran, highlight Jesus’ special status as a prophet and messenger of Allah. They serve as a testament to Allah’s power and authority, emphasizing the monotheistic principle that all miracles and wonders are ultimately under the control and will of the one true God.

These miracles are not presented in the Quran as a basis for deifying Jesus but rather as signs of Allah’s support for His chosen prophets and messengers. They encourage believers to recognize the ultimate source of all power and miracles—the Almighty God, Allah, who is the Creator, Sustainer, and Controller of all existence.

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