Mother of Mary

The mother of Maryam (Mary) is not mentioned by name, but she is often referred to as the mother of Maryam. Her story is primarily found in Chapter 3 of the Quran, known as Surah Al-Imran. Here are some details about Mary’s mother based on Quranic references:

1. Barrenness and Prayer: Mary’s mother and her husband, Imran (Amram), were righteous and devout individuals. However, they faced the challenge of barrenness and were unable to have children. Despite this, they continued to pray to Allah for a child.

2. The Vow: One day, Mary’s mother made a sincere vow to dedicate her child, if she were blessed with one, to the service of Allah’s house. This vow was an expression of her deep devotion and commitment to Allah’s service.

3. The Miraculous Birth: Allah answered their prayers in a miraculous way. Mary’s mother became pregnant, and when she gave birth, she was surprised to find that her child was a girl. She had expected a son who would serve in the temple. Nevertheless, she fulfilled her vow by dedicating Mary to the service of Allah.

4. Mary’s Upbringing: Mary’s mother, although not named in the Quran, played a crucial role in nurturing Mary’s piety and devotion to Allah. Under her guidance, Mary grew up to be a pious and devoted woman who would become the mother of Prophet Isa (Jesus), peace be upon him.

5. The Legacy: The story of Mary’s mother emphasizes the importance of prayer, devotion, and fulfilling one’s vows to Allah. It also highlights that Allah’s response to prayers may come in unexpected ways, but His wisdom is beyond human comprehension.

The Quran portrays Mary’s mother as a woman of faith and devotion, and her story serves as an inspiration for all mankind. It underscores the significance of making sincere supplications to Allah and fulfilling one’s commitments to Him.

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